Working experience



2019   5 month assignment

Kitesisters  a company that brings 10 ladies to different villas and locations across Peru, Mexico, Marocco, Belize, Dominican republic

Cooking breakfast, lunch and Dinners,

Focus on healthy and vegetarian options



2018/2019   2 month assignment

Chalet chef in Zermatt cooking for up to 10 guest

Chalet was primary private but also some charted weeks


2018 (Aug- Sept) 1 month assignment M/Y Beluga - 45m Charter vessel

Sole chef 9 Crew - 10 Guests - Crew enjoyed healthy food and a lot of seafood, Guest fresh seasonal,  healthy, detox juices. Family style lunches with focus on seafood & fine dining dinners


2018 (July- Aug) M/Y Cyclone - 44m Yacht of the year

Sole chef 6 crew and up to 8 guests. Where big foodies and enjoyed well-presented fine dining food, healthy lunches and many different style breakfasts. 6 crew and up to 8 guests.


2017 France  Alps d’huez (winter season)

Le petit prince / Langley hotels

Head chef/kitchen manager  at Le petit prince, a hotel that covered 150+ guests. Maintaining standards at a three star hotel and it’s kitchen staff as well as orders and logistics at a alp establishment. During my leadership the costs went down and quality as well as the financials went up significantly.


2017 Norway Stavanger ( brought in by a 2 Michelin star chef contact)

Restaurant Egget / Egget pop-up / Sous chef / Fine dining

During the largest food festival in Scandinavia

We where nominated for the best overall experience

Working with chefs from the Norwegian culinary team





2017 Oslo – Norway

Restaurant Astral Sous chef / Assistant head chef

New Nordic restaurant with 70 seats and a 9 course dinner menu.  78 points in the white guide 2018




VIP department Elvebredden catering. Looking after Aker solutions business lunches and important clients for dinner.




World BBQ Association, 2 gold medals and 1 silver. In total second place in Sweden.



Head chef at Foodlab. Catering & private dining. High end dinners for up to 25 people with 15 course menus. Also consulting and running of other restaurants.



Cooking in a chalet for up to 10 people.



Palma de Mallorca-Spain.

Villa Rossi. Cooking in a private villa, everything from formal dinner to BBQs.


Palma de Mallorca-Spain.

Palma Pictures, Cooking on pop-up sets all over Mallorca.


Stone Town, Zanzibar-Tanzania.

Educating staff at tourist establishments as well as resorts and other venues with the ending of improving culinary, hygiene etc.



2014 (1 year)

Palma de Mallorca- Spain.

Macaco Bar. *Owner and founder of one of the most popular bars in Santa Catalina area opposite to Havanna bar and next to Hostal Cuba. Running drink orders and administrator of the bar and its staff.


2013 (summer season)

Gothenburg- Sweden.

Simpson Prastgard. * Sous Chef.

Swedish seafood specialist, due to the quality and know-how Simpson is a sought after establishment recovering 450 pax lunch and dinner.





2012 - 1 year


Tjuvholmen Restaurant. *Sous chef

Large establishment with 4 restaurants, collaborating food with drinks.



2010/2012 - 3 years 


Grefsenkollen. *Sous Chef

Setting menus, keeping kitchen up to established standards.

Running the events and catering department, recommended for Michelin star two years in a row. Under my supervision Grefsenkollen was elected Top Restaurant in DN Oslo Newspaper in 2011. Grill station, meat, fish & pastry station.



2009 / 2010  2 years (2 Michelin Star)

Oslo-Norway- Bagatelle.

Sous Chef running garnish, meat & fish station with (Eivind Hellstrom 2 Michelin star chef), responsible for running the kitchen with the head chef, designing menus, ordering, overall making sure that the kitchen was stable according to a 2 star standard.


2007 - 2008  1 year    (1 Michelin Star)

London - Lindsay House * Commis chef to Chef de partie. Garnish chef de partie (*Richard Corrigan *1 Michelin star ). Bentleys Oyster bar and Grill, London. Deepening my knowledge in fish & seafood.

canapés and cold starters.